Knowing How and When to Shut Off Your Hot Water Heater

Shutting down warm water heater is an emergency treatment that every homeowner should know

It might protect against a catastrophe in case of stress accumulation inside the container. Other reasons for turning off the hot water heater include the should make small repair work– such as changing the temperature level as well as pressure valve– or leaving your house empty for a prolonged period. Switching off the heater when you’re away for numerous days conserves energy.

The approach for shutting off a water heater varies depending upon the sort of hot water heater– gas or electric– and the length of time you mean to turn the heater off. When entirely shutting down your hot water heater to earn repairs or prior to going on a trip, you should additionally drain it. When entirely shutting down your water heater to earn repair services or before going on a journey, you need to additionally drain it.

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Turning Off a Gas Water Heater

  • The control shutoff on the front of a gas hot water heater provides the means to transform it off both briefly and also permanently.
  • Transform the dial from the “On” position to “Pilot” to prevent the burner from cycling on. The pilot light remains lit, and as quickly as you turn the dial back to on, the heater will certainly light.
  • Turn the dial to the “Off” placement to turn off the pilot; when you do this, you’ll have to relight the pilot to start the heating system up once again. To avoid gas leakages as well as make sure the heating unit stays off, turn off the gas valve by rotating the manage until it is perpendicular to the gas line.

Shutting off an Electric Water Heater

The most convenient as well as most safe means to switch off an electric water heater is to turn off the breaker in the panel that controls it. It should be labeled, yet if not, try to find a dual breaker– hot water heater run on 240-V power. If there is greater than one double breaker, locate the one that has the same amperage ranking as the water heater; you’ll find that shown on a label near the major temperature level control. Switching off the breakers avoids the need to touch the heating unit– which could be wet– and also to change the temperature level control. Use a non-contact voltage tester to validate that no electrical energy is flowing via the device’s wiring.

Closing down the Water Heater

If you’re turning off the hot water heater to earn a significant fixing or since you’re defaulting for the winter months, you must additionally drain it. It’s best to wait for 12 hrs or even more before doing this, but if you don’t have time, beware; the water is warm.

  • Shut off the cold water inlet, but leave the hot water outlet open.
  • Open up a couple of warm water taps in your home, let water drainpipe then leave them open to confess air.
  • Attach a yard hose to the drainpipe electrical outlet under of the tank and also run the pipe to a place where you could drain pipes the water.
  • Open the drainpipe valve as well as allow the water drain out. Make sure to shut the water drainage valve and the hot water taps when water stops draining.

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